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Three Reasons You Might Keep Getting Passed Over for a Promotion

Hired People July 7, 2021

Getting turned down for a promotion you desire never feels good. However, you might have to consider some reasons it may be happening to you if it's happened a lot. The following are some reasons that could cause your employer to pass you over for promotion:

You're not as Qualified as You Think

Everyone who applies for a job promotion believes he or she is qualified for the position. That may not always be true. You may have the education and experience for the position but not the personality traits they're looking for. You may also be better suited in your current position. For example, you might be a stellar salesperson, and your employer may not want to remove you from that position to put you in a role that won't allow them to utilize those skills.

You Don't Match the Company Culture

Employers hire tons of people with various personality types. It could be that your personality doesn't mesh with the company culture. For that reason, they look in another direction when you submit your request for a promotion.

You've Mentioned Your Independence

Another thing you might realize is that some businesses do not look favorably on workers who are too independent. Thus, they may have decided against giving you a managerial position because they know of your ability and willingness to leave the job if it brings you stress and other negative elements.

There could also be a hundred other reasons your employer is passing you up. Sometimes it takes people several tries to finally land a promotion. However, you may want to think twice about trying again if you've been overlooked three times or more at the same job.

Consider whether the previously mentioned factors might be causing you to get passed over for a promotion. Try to work on them and improve them before you try for the promotion again. Once you've done everything possible, you can consider whether you might just need to move on.