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Three Ideas for Creative Business Casual Attire for an Interview

Hired People May 10, 2021

Most prospective employers expect job applicants to come to their interviews dressed in business casual attire. You are on the right track if you own business casual attire. However, you may want to add some flair to your outfit so that you can stand out as being unique from the rest of the applicants. These are some ideas:

A Pair of Suspenders

Something about a pair of suspenders screams "business" and "classy." They give off an air of professionalism and formalness that no prospective employer can deny. You are certainly welcome to add them to your business casual garments to create an outstanding look. It's wise to go with black suspenders and not choose a color that's too loud or busy.

A Long Attractive Blazer

You might want to consider adding an attractive long blazer to your outfit. You can even experiment a bit with the color. A light pink color might be interesting to add to your femininity without distracting your interviewer too much. Of course, you can always go with a more formal color, such as black or gray, to ensure that your outfit isn't over the top.

A Pair of Fashion Eyeglasses

Fashion eyeglasses might be just what you need to add a layer of sophistication to your outfit. Glasses can make a prospective employee seem more intelligent, more mature, or more responsible. None of that may be true, but they sometimes bring forth those perceptions. You can find a pair of non-prescription glasses for a relatively low price. You may want to look for glasses that have typical black frames so that they'll blend in with the rest of your outfit. Have fun creating a unique style for your interview. You'll feel more self-confident with each interview, and you might just catch the prospective employer by storm.

Consider adding one of these accessories to your business casual outfit. It might be the one thing that keeps your name in the prospective employer's mind and convinces that person to hire you.