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Is It a Good Idea to Take a Job With Family?

Hired People December 7, 2018

During a job search you might find yourself needing to make some tough decisions. One of those decisions might be whether or not you should take a job with family.

Challenges of Working With Family

If you have a family member that is offering you a job, you should take an honest look at any challenges that this might present. Even though you might get a long great at family parties and at holidays, is not necessarily an indicator that you will get along great working together. You should understand that day in day out working relationships are very different than family relationships. Sometimes when the two meet it is not easy. You will be the best judge or whether or not you and your family member or members will be able to work together well.

How Will It Affect the Relationship?

Consider the person offering you the job. Will taking this job change the dynamic of your relationship? Very often family relationships can change drastically when one member works for or works with another. Take an honest evaluation of the current relationship. If the relationship is already not healthy, then throwing in the stress of working together could be an bad move.

Can You Wait for Another Opportunity?

If you feel that working with family would put relationships in danger, and you can wait awhile longer to continue your job search, you should. Taking a job out of desperation can sometimes lead to a bad outcome. If you have other opportunities you should pursue those first. If you still have time to keep looking for a job, politely thank your family member and then continue your search.

Working with family can be tricky. If you feel your relationships can handle it, then working with family can be a great opportunity. However, if you think working together would be too much for the relationship, you should continue your job search elsewhere.