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How to Use Videos to Market Yourself to Potential Employers

Hired People April 13, 2021

Sometimes, you have to do a little extra to get potential employers to notice you. Video creation is an excellent way to grab the attention of a company hiring in your field. These are some tips for getting a job you love by creating videos to market yourself.

Create Videos of You Working Your Craft

The first thing you need to do is find an area with excellent lighting to demonstrate how you do your work. For example, you can go outside in the sunlight if you're going to be "auditioning" for an automotive repair job. Make sure you focus the camera directly on the job you're doing so that potential employers can see that you're capable of doing it. You can choose to say something generic at the beginning or end of your video so that prospective employers can gauge your personality, as well.

Put Your Videos on Your Employment Site Profiles

Edit and cut your video to perfection and then take the next step. Post it on all of your employment site profiles. Potential lenders will see your video when they fall upon your profile amid their search for new employees. They may reach out to you if they feel as though you're an excellent candidate.

Send Links to Your Videos With Your Resume

You can also attach your video when you send your resume out to potential employers. It will be a nice touch that many other applicants won't think of doing. Remember that sometimes hundreds of people compete for the same job. You'll need to do something that sets you apart from other people and puts the focus on you. Sending a video attachment should do the trick. The potential employer will be able to see your work history and accolades from the information you put in your resume, and they'll get to see that you're fully capable of doing the job for which you want them to hire you.

Now you know how and why video marketing can work well for you. Try creating a video as your calling card for a new job. You may get some calls you didn't expect to receive because of your effort.