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Feng Shui Tips to Enhance Your Career and Finances

Hired People March 11, 2019

The ancient art and tradition of Feng Shui dates back thousands of years. Its focus is enhancing the flow of qi (“chi”), or life force energy for an optimal life experience. Job seekers can try out these easy Feng Shui steps to improve their prospects in career and finances.

Cleaning and Organizing

A clear, uncluttered space is foundational to good Feng Shui. Clear the clutter in your home and office, and organize all paperwork and loose items as much as possible. Keeping visual distractions to a minimum creates a more peaceful atmosphere that will be conducive to productivity and staying focused on your job search.

Your Wealth Corner

The corner of your home that is associated with wealth and abundance is located in the Southeast. Focusing on this corner can help to energize this area of your life, bring new opportunities to build your resources and help you to retain existing wealth.

Ensure this area is uncluttered and add select items that evoke wealth for you, such as an image that portrays abundance, a piece of artwork, jewelry or other items of value. The colors gold, red and purple can help to stimulate the flow of qi in this area of your life.

Career Success

The Northern part of your home or office is associated with ideal career outcomes and fulfillment. Again, energizing this space with positive imagery or items that represent growth and thriving in your career can help to accelerate and enhance success.

Business Relationships

The Northwest area of a space is associated with positive relationships. Adding life-affirming items here such as plants, shells, crystals or other treasures from the natural world can stimulate better business networking, mentors and connecting with the ideal employer.

If your career and financial prospects seem stalled, Feng Shui could be just what’s needed to get the positive energy flowing again. Use these Feng Shui techniques to optimize your surroundings for better outcomes.