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Applied for One Job but Offered Another?

Hired People September 8, 2022

It happens constantly. Applicants see a position they desire on the job board and send their resumes for that position. They then get a quick call from a recruiter, who asks qualifying questions. Suddenly, the applicants hear something like this... "We've already filled the slots for that position, but we're hiring for this, and I think you're the perfect fit." You might become frustrated or confused if it happens, but don't let it get you down. These are three ways you can approach the situation.

Back out of the Process Gently

Take some time to consider the pros and cons of taking a position for which you did not apply. Consider the financial aspects and whether the job will aid or hinder your career advancement path. You don't need to answer immediately, as most employers allow at least 48 hours for candidates to finalize their decisions. At that time, it's acceptable to decline if you don't think the position is a good fit for you.

Ask About Your Transfer Options

You can consider taking the job if you can transfer to the position you applied for within a reasonable time. Ask the employer about the time requirements for transfers to see if you'll have to lock yourself into the offered position for a lengthy period. The answer you receive can help guide you into making the right decision for yourself.

Try Something New and Make Money

You can always choose the adventurous route and challenge yourself to try a new experience. You might find that you enjoy the job you didn't ask for more than you would have enjoyed the other position. Of course, that will depend on factors such as your age, interest level, and how you intend to navigate your career.

The career "bait and switch" happens more often than you think. However, you can make the best of it by using one of the methods above. Don't ever be offended, however, because receiving a job offer is always positive.