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7 Great Careers For Job Seekers Who Are Introverts

Hired People November 9, 2018

There is a prevailing myth that job seekers or employees must be extroverted to be successful. There are college courses and motivational articles dedicated to how to network and be more extroverted in your career. But the fact is, introverts have strong advantages in the workforce. Beth Buelow, author of The Introvert Entrepreneur: Amplify Your Strengths and Create Success on Your Own Terms, said this in an interview with Time Magazine.

"It's not about becoming a fake extrovert. It's really about acknowledging the valuable traits that introverts bring."

Introverts are good listeners, observant, self-motivated, and thoughtful networkers.

With these unique traits in mind, here is a list of careers—many high-paying—in which introverts thrive.


The World Wide Web has been a boon for writers. Beyond working on "the great American novel," there is a huge need for web content, and many writers are making a full-time living writing articles and blog posts for content companies and publications.

The legal profession

While being an attorney generally requires interaction with clients, roles such as paralegals, court reporters, or legal secretaries are great for introverts.

Creative professions

This can be cake decorating, being a private chef, video game design, home design and remodel, and more. Introverts are uniquely suited to any kind of creative work, as they have the ability to focus and be comfortable alone for long periods of time.

Social media marketing

With the word "social" in the title, one would think that this job would be social, but this job entails maintaining a company's social media presence from behind a computer. Businesses of all sizes hire people to help them manage their social media.

Animal care and service workers

While some animal care does involve interacting with a pet's owner, most of the work in this field is done behind the scenes.


It's all about knowing your strengths and working them to your advantage.