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4 Signs That You’re Being Discriminated Against

Hired People September 7, 2021

Job discrimination can begin as early as the interview process, or it may occur later on during your employment. When job discrimination happens, it’s important to address it, both for yourself and for those who follow in your footsteps. Here’s how to identify the signs of discrimination.

1. Unusual Interview Questions

When interview questions stray from the norm, be wary. Questions that verge on your marital status, parental status, age, and “ancestry” are a sign that the interviewer may be profiling you, which is illegal.

2. Demeaning Attitude

Do you get a strong sense that you’re being treated differently than your peers? If your boss talks down to you or addresses you with an “attitude,” chances are that you are a victim of discrimination.

3. Being Passed Over For Promotion

Not everyone gets to be promoted. But if your qualifications and job performance warrant a promotion, and you continually get passed over for others less suited for the job, it could have to do with your sex, race, age, or some other qualifier that indicates discrimination.

4. Unfair Scheduling

If you do shift work, do you find that you’re always the one who has to stay late, work on weekends and holidays? This isn’t fair to you. No one should have to always be the one to work the unfavorable hours or do the clean-up work while others take off for home. Chances are you’re being discriminated against for something like your religious status, marital status, etc. Take care, because this commonly happens in restaurant jobs.

If you think you have evidence of discrimination, consider taking up the issue with your HR department, manager, or even the legal authorities, in the case of job interview discrimination. You shouldn’t have to deal with discrimination when you’re just trying to do the best job you know how to.