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3 Signs It’s Time For a New Job

Hired People April 11, 2019

It’s very commendable to want to stay in a job for as long as possible. That indicates loyalty and determination; both of which are positive traits in an employee. However, there are times when it’s better for you and your career to call it quits and move one. Here are three signs it’s time for a new job.

1. Ongoing Problems With Management

Management can cause lots of employees dissatisfaction. If you’ve had issues with management, you should have taken steps to remedy it with the human resources department or management itself. But if the problems are ongoing and nothing seems to be improving, it’s probably time to cut your losses and move on to a better job.

2. Family Life is Suffering

Work should allow you to have a better family life, not make your family suffer. There are many things that can potentially cause your family to suffer due to your job, including an unusually long commute, excess stress, mandatory travel and more. If your job is causing family stress or tension when you’re not even at work, you’re better off looking for another job. No job, no matter how much it pays, is worth harming or even losing your family over.

3. No More Room For Advancement

If you’ve climbed as high as you can in your current company, it’s time for a new job. It’s not worth it to stall your career just so you can stay at company. In fact, you may unconsciously be staying because it feels safer than looking for something new and challenging in your career. If there’s no more room for advancement where you are, start looking for other opportunities that would be a move up – not a lateral move.

If you’ve been at one job for a long time, chances are that the job market has changed significantly since you last looked for a job. These three signs indicate it’s time to move on to better and brighter opportunities.