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Applied for One Job but Offered Another?

Hired People September 8, 2022

It happens constantly. Applicants see a position they desire on the job board and send their resumes for that position. They then get a quick call from a recruiter, who asks qualifying questions. Suddenly, the applicants hear something like this...

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Is a Professional Resume Worth the Investment?

Hired People August 15, 2022

In an increasingly competitive job market, candidates and job seekers are keen on any advantage available to them. This has led to massive growth in a relatively new industry, professional resume writing. Unfortunately, not all professional resume writers are created equal. More to the point, you may not even need a professional resume for the role you want. Consider these things before you pay a large sum of money for someone to write your resume.

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Three Absolute Dealbreakers You Shouldn't Ignore When You Start a New Job

Hired People July 8, 2022

Getting a brand-new job is a wonderful thing during these financially challenging times. However, certain things are unacceptable under any circumstances. These are three dealbreakers for new employment. You'll be right to consider resigning if you experience these issues immediately upon starting your new job:

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What To Do When Your Job Ends "At the Will" of the Employer

Hired People June 6, 2022

The at-will arrangement for employment goes both ways. You can resign from a position if you don't feel it suits you. Your employer can also end your employment abruptly if you don't suit them. The only thing they can't do is fire you for a federally protected reason, such as your age, religious preference, nationality, gender, etc.

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How To Find Work After Incarceration?

Hired People May 12, 2022

If you have spent time in jail, it does not mean life is over for you. Many people have left jail and gone on to create a great life and career. You can do this too. You will need to plan though so that you do not find yourself without a job and without a purpose once you are back into regular life. Let's look at how to find work after incarceration.

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