Why It's Important to Take Your Time With Your New Hire Paperwork

Hired People October 12, 2021

The likelihood is high that you will receive a thick new-hire packet to read and sign before you start a new job. This packet will contain information about your job offer, the employee handbook, and any additional agreements you need to sign. You must read all the details in this packet thoroughly. Here's why:

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4 Signs That You’re Being Discriminated Against

Hired People September 7, 2021

Job discrimination can begin as early as the interview process, or it may occur later on during your employment. When job discrimination happens, it’s important to address it, both for yourself and for those who follow in your footsteps. Here’s how to identify the signs of discrimination.

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Flexible Job Options That Match Your Variable Schedule

Hired People August 10, 2021

It can be difficult to find a second job when your main job has variable shifts. You might have to look for something that's as flexible as your work shift is. The good news is that many flexible jobs exist. They may not exist within a corporate retail establishment, but you can still find them. The following are some ideas for flexible second jobs that match your variable work schedule:

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