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Tips for Negotiating a Work From Home Situation

Hired People October 13, 2017

Working from home can afford you a lifestyle that is free from the stress of commuting, dealing with office politics, and having to sit at your desk for eight straight hours. However, many employers are hesitant to offer work from home situations. Here are some tips for negotiating a work from home agreement with your boss.

Provide a Check-in Schedule

One reason that bosses don’t like work at home setups is because they don’t think you’ll be available when they need you. Address this concern by drawing up a very detailed check-in schedule so that he can be reassured that you actually are working and are available to colleagues and to him.

Write Down all the Benefits

Make a list of all the benefits that your boss will reap if he lets you work from home. These might include:

• He can use your desk for other work projects when you’re not in the office.
• You’ll be able to be more productive without all the office distractions.
• You won’t be drinking office coffee or other complimentary kitchen snacks.
• Try it on a Temporary Basis so He Can See How Great it Works

Try to get him to agree to you working just one day a week from home. Make sure you check in as promised and are available to collaborate on projects with colleagues when you need to be. If you can get him to agree to one day to start with, odds are you can add more days in the future.

Wow Him By Being Even More Efficient

If you can get more done during your work from home time, your boss will see how his department can benefit from the situation. Come up with some project that will really wow him with your improved efficiency and productivity.

By carefully implementing these strategies, you’ll likely be able to get your boss to at least give it a try. It’s definitely worth asking!