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Three Absolute Dealbreakers You Shouldn't Ignore When You Start a New Job

Hired People July 8, 2022

Getting a brand-new job is a wonderful thing during these financially challenging times. However, certain things are unacceptable under any circumstances. These are three dealbreakers for new employment. You'll be right to consider resigning if you experience these issues immediately upon starting your new job:


If you experience a large amount of disrespect, harassment, or bullying on the job, the chances are high that it won't get better with time. It's best to look for other work as quickly as possible and turn in your resignation right away. It's up to you whether to work for the company for an additional two weeks to keep everything professional.

Change In Salary or Status

This probably doesn't happen much, but if you notice that your hourly rate or salary differs from what's on your offer letter, you might want to pull your manager to the side immediately. Bring your offer letter and paycheck with you when you have the conversation and see if the payroll department can make an adjustment. You should seriously consider turning in your resignation if the company refuses to fix the discrepancy.

Job Description or Schedule Doesn't Match

This problem isn't necessarily the company's fault, but it happens from time to time. The job you think you have ends up being completely different from what you expected. Maybe it's too labor-intensive or not involved enough to keep your interest. Perhaps you end up in a completely different department from what you wanted. A third scenario is that you get placed in a position you know nothing about and receive no training but are expected to know everything. It's a stressful situation that warrants a conversation with your managers.

Another dealbreaker issue is if your schedule deviates from what you first arranged in the interview. The first step is to address the manager about it to see if he or she can solve it.

Not every job will work out the way you want it to. In fact, many jobs may not be what you want them to be. You need to consider the benefits and disadvantages of working in these positions and determine if they are right for you.