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The 3 Facebook Posts You Should Definitely Avoid If You Want to Find a Job

Hired People August 14, 2017

You enjoy keeping your loved ones in the loop, but have you ever considered the possibility that your behavior on Facebook and other social media sites could be costing you dream jobs? You may employ the strictest privacy settings on your social media accounts, but employers have their ways — don't count on escaping their notice. The following types of Facebook posts should be avoided at all costs:

Complaints About Current or Former Employers

Whether justified or not, complaints about your former employer will not fly. Your desired employer has no idea whether your last employer was horrendous, but broadcasting the dirty details of your job will show that you're unprofessional. Keep those complaints private, or share them in personal messages not available to the public.

Photos of Partying

Party pictures were once a hallmark of Facebook, but today, smart users know to save those images for personal use. It doesn't matter whether you're innocently holding a beer or having a blast at a bachelorette party or other occasion in which you're expected to go all out; your prospective employer will not be impressed by your behavior.

Netspeak and Typos

Your exceptional communication skills should be consistently on display on Facebook. Proofread every post to ensure that all words are spelled correctly. Avoid netspeak when possible, or at least stick with the most established acronyms. If you fail to notice errors until after you've published your post, try to edit it if possible, or delete altogether and craft a new social media update.

In today's plugged-in world, your Facebook profile serves as an extension of your true self. Employers will inevitably look you up; what do you want them to see? Put the same thought into your Facebook page as you would a resume or any other document a prospective employer might view; you'll make a much better impression and be far more likely to score the job of your dreams.