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Is a Professional Resume Worth the Investment?

Hired People August 15, 2022

In an increasingly competitive job market, candidates and job seekers are keen on any advantage available to them. This has led to massive growth in a relatively new industry, professional resume writing. Unfortunately, not all professional resume writers are created equal. More to the point, you may not even need a professional resume for the role you want. Consider these things before you pay a large sum of money for someone to write your resume.

  1. Are you exceptionally qualified for the job you seek? If so, use your voice and explain why you are the best candidate in the writing of your resume.

  2. Is the resume writer qualified to assist you? You’d be surprised how many claim to be professional resume writers who have little experience in the field. Even worse, some are from other cultures, speak English as a second language, and can otherwise be detrimental to your efforts.

  3. Can you write your own resume? Ultimately, you are your own best advocate. You understand your skills, knowledge, and experience better than anyone else. You know the ins and outs of your expertise. Your resume is the perfect opportunity to display that knowledge for potential employers to see. With so many templates available to follow online, you are the only thing preventing you from writing your own resume.

That isn’t to say that there aren’t situations when professional resume writing services are worth the investment. In fact, the situations below represent excellent examples of occasions when these services are worth the investment.

  1. When you hire highly qualified and capable resume writers who are intimately familiar with your industry.

  2. When you are angling for a promotion that will bring more responsibility, money, and prestige to your door.

  3. When you’re already in a higher income bracket and the investment is worth the potential benefit it may deliver.

Only you can decide if a professional resume is worth the investment for you. These tips should help you make a better-informed choice.