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6 Tips For Passing Employment Screening

Hired People July 11, 2017

Landing an interview can seem challenging enough. However, there is also a trend with employers today toward employment screening before you get hired.Employment screening often involves background checks for criminal and financial history. It can include a series of tests related to your personality, decision-making skills and cognitive abilities.

Are you ready to pass a pre-employment screening test? Here are some tips for increasing your chances:

1. Educate Yourself.

If possible, find out what will be required of you during the screening process so that you can prepare appropriately.

2. Practice.

If there are practice tests available, take them.

3. Prepare Your Responses.

If you know there is something in your history or background that could jeopardize your chances for the job, prepare an explanation ahead of time that might cast the situation in a better light.

4. Study Your Employer.

Be sure you are well-versed on the company, their policies and their management style as well. (Ideally, you should have already done this before the first interview.) Doing so will allow you to know what kind of answers and candidate they are looking for, and you’ll be better able to put your best foot forward.

5. Brush Up On Key Skills.

If you know you will be tested on specific types of coding, software or machinery, be sure to study these applications ahead of time so that you can bring your “A” game to the test.

6. Clean Up Your Social Media.

An increasing number of employers are looking at applicants’ online footprints as part of the screening process. Make sure yours is one that you can be proud of.

Employment screening can take a range of different forms and involve personality tests or assessments related to character. There is often a background check related to criminal history and financial past as well.

Being prepared is key to success in all areas of life. If you do your homework and the job is a match for your aptitude and career goals, you’ll likely do quite well in pre-employment screening.