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4 Types of Medical Degrees

Hired People September 15, 2017

If you are interested in going into the medical field, your options will be wide open, especially if you earn a degree. From nursing assistant to a brain surgeon, there are so many medical positions for you to choose from. Let's take a close look at four medical degrees you can earn and what you can do with them.

Registered Nurse

With a degree in nursing, you can, of course, become a registered nurse; however, there are many lines of work that employ this type of professional. Take for example a research lab. You wouldn't normally think of this first when you think of a registered nurse, but there are research labs all around the world that have a need for registered nurses. Also, with a degree in nursing, you can become a psychiatric mental health nurse. Or if you prefer, even a diabetes management nurse.

Mental Health Degree

A mental health degree is great if you want to go into counseling. It can also serve you well if you want to go into social work, however, an actual social work degree will likely also be needed.

Radiology Degree

This is another medical degree that can take you in so many directions. Many people who graduate with a radiology degree choose to go straight into the radiology field as a radiology technician. With an advanced degree, though, you can secure a higher-paying position. If you want to become an ultrasound tech or MRI tech, a radiology degree will usually be sufficient, too.

Dental Degree

You may think that a dental degree will only set you up to become a dentist, but in all actuality, you can use it to go into other fields, as well. Take for example that you want to become a medical sales representative. A dental degree with a minor in marketing can set you up for this line of work. A dental degree can also be beneficial if you are interested in becoming a health services manager.