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3 Underrated Character Traits to Emphasize During Your Job Interview

Hired People January 19, 2018

It's no secret that employers want to hire confident, capable applicants who work well with teams and are willing to go the extra mile for customers or clients. These are far from the only characteristics that employers seek, however.

By playing up the right traits, you can set yourself apart from the competition and indicate that you're the best candidate for the job. The following are a few of the most underrated character traits worth highlighting during your interview:


A famous cliche claims that curiosity killed the cat. On the job, however, curiosity is a valuable character trait. Curious employees are more likely to dig deep and search for new solutions to familiar problems. If you intend to enter a creative field, prospective employers may be particularly impressed by your inherent curiosity. Unexpected industries that value this trait include banking and technology.


Sometimes, the most confident employees are also the least coachable. A failure to follow directions can prove incredibly problematic, particularly in positions that involve physical risks in the workplace. If you can demonstrate that you're coachable, prospective employers will feel confident in knowing that you'll take little time to train, and that you'll respond well to constructive criticism.


If you intend to work in customer service, education, health care, or any number of other fields in which you interact directly with others, you'll need to express empathy for your students, patients, or clients. Not all job candidates are particularly empathetic, nor can they effectively demonstrate their compassion.

Believe it or not, few employers prioritize finding clones who think and act exactly alike. They appreciate unique talents and personality traits. Play up the qualities that set you apart, and you're bound to score the perfect job.