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The 3 Facebook Posts You Should Definitely Avoid If You Want to Find a Job

Hired People August 14, 2017

You enjoy keeping your loved ones in the loop, but have you ever considered the possibility that your behavior on Facebook and other social media sites could be costing you dream jobs? You may employ the strictest privacy settings on your social media accounts, but employers have their ways — don't count on escaping their notice.

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6 Tips For Passing Employment Screening

Hired People July 11, 2017

Landing an interview can seem challenging enough. However, there is also a trend with employers today toward employment screening before you get hired.Employment screening often involves background checks for criminal and financial history. It can include a series of tests related to your personality, decision-making skills and cognitive abilities.

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Answering the Dreaded Weakness Interview Question

Hired People June 16, 2017

Some job interviewers can be rather confrontational in their interviewing style, making the questions they ask, particularly challenging. Here are the 5 most dreaded interview questions and how best to handle them.

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Leveraging LinkedIn to Get the Job

Hired People May 17, 2017

LinkedIn is a great tool for networking in your industry and making important connections. But, are you using it to its full advantage to help you land the job you want? Learning to leverage the power of LinkedIn can be instrumental in helping you get the jobs you want in your industry – and even if you’re diversifying and branching out into a new industry.

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How to Deal with Working on a Holiday

Hired People April 14, 2017

From bigger holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas to smaller but still significant ones like Easter and Independence Day, everyone gets excited for time off. What if you’re one of the unlucky souls who’s being asked to work on a major holiday, though?

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