The Benefits of Working a Part-Time job

Hired People April 13, 2018

You may feel as though a part-time job doesn't have much to offer, but you may be surprised to find there are lots of benefits to having such a job. the following are three benefits that you get from having part-time employment.

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Where are all the New Jobs Coming From?

Hired People March 12, 2018

The United States economy added well over 300,000 jobs in February 2018 alone. Following is a peek at what industries are hiring large numbers of workers.

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Occupations That Require a lot of Traveling

Hired People February 12, 2018

For a lot of people, if a job opening requires a lot of traveling, they will forego the opportunity even if it means making more money. Then on the other side of the fence are people who prefer jobs that require a lot of traveling. It all boils down to a person's preferences. If you happen to be one of those people who enjoys traveling and likes a job that has you moving around a lot, then take a look at these two jobs. They are sure to be a perfect fit for you.

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